No, I haven't been wasting my time!!!!!

Actually, I've been rather busy, in fact too busy to do the blog!
Here I am though, back again. It's 23.41, so if I want any sleep tonight I'd better get my skates on, I cannot sit here rabbiting to you all night.

You'll no doubt remember the pictures I posted of the trench they were digging for the foundations of the "West Bank Desert Wall", well they haven't stopped there. Here's a pic of the concrete foundation reinforcing work. I hope you are suitably excited!

And here's a couple of pics of the poor wretches working in the afternoon when it was 47.5 in the shade. (Of which they had none!) You'll notice the application of the cement? None in the horizontal gaps between the bricks, just poured on the top and spread out. I suppose the horizonal bits will get some stuff squeezed in when the wall is rendered.

As usual, just click once to make these pics bigger, then again to magnify them.

I'll come back tothis when they start to render. I promise!!!

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