Out with the Old.....Part 2

The other week I took the following picture of the demolition of the old Mosque, which the Police Station used to stand next to, just off Sharia Karnak. Of course it stands on top of the Kabesh Road (Sphinx Avenue)and so must be removed.....hence "Out with the old......and in with the older!

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The minaret lasted for another couple of weeks but now it has also gone. All that's left is the Sheikh's tomb. I expect that it might be allowed to stay, and even be tarted up as it is to the side of the sphinxes and might be another little point of interest for the tourists.

Click on the picture to make it bigger.
I cannot say that I will mourn the passing of that particular Mosque as it was one which added to the cacophony of simultanious calls to prayer which assailed the "Our Luxor" roof terrace on Friday lunch times, when the wind was in the West.

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