Look out Church!!!!!

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Yes, look out church! I took this pic a day or two ago and have only now got to put it on here. It's the Avenue of Sphinxes again, the Kabesh Road, the destruction of so much of Luxor's more recent history.
Sharia Karnak, between the Emilio Hotel and the Oasis Cafe. The old St Mark Hospital and the "Government Shop" building have been gone for a few weeks, and a rather large hole has been excavated in their place. I had a look in, but cannot see anything of interest yet.
The buildings which are currently coming down, look to be of the same period as the Pasha's house on the Corniche. They were well matched by the building across Sharia Karnak on the corner by the Oasis Cafe. It's such a shame! From my photo, and following a logical progression, it looks like the Evangelical Presbyterian Church will get it next, although I don't think it is actually on top of the Kabesh Road, but certainly within the 76(?) metre width of the area which our beloved Governor wants cleared for tourist use. You can see the Churches twin steeples in the picture.

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  1. Better than reading the daily telegraph, you are now the number one reporter in my eyes, bit like David Frost in his younger days.

    Take care and I will come to se you sometime (now in Qatar)