Prepare to be astonished!!!!!!!!

Whilst I've been rooting around the different bathroom shops looking for the elusive plug assembly (by the way, the lovely £2.17 one was too small!) I've been  astonished at some of the designs in sanitary ware which I've come across. I mean, would you have these in your bathroom, Dear Reader?

Otherwise, I'm ever so slowly losing the will to live.........again! Having been let down by the plumber whom I thought I could trust, and that after giving up trying to get different things to stop leaking, I find myself becoming apoplectic as I cast around for yet another idea to seal everything up!

In the meantime, whilst various bits of silicone cure before I tempt them with water, I've turned to the "spare" guest W.C. I had remembered that it wasn't working properly the last time I had looked at it, but for the life of me, I couldn't think what the problem had been.

Ha! I did remember that it wasn't filling properly, but seeing as I had a new "Torbeck" filling valve (left by my English plumber friend, a former guest) I replaced the old one. Then, when I turned on the tap to fill the cistern, lo and behold; the tap had a leak on it! But that's not all folks; the stupid European siphon mechanism which flushes the toilet was allowing the water to run straight through and down the pan. What joy!  

Never mind, as Freda and I always say, "Worse things happen at sea!" These inconsequential set-backs are more annoying than astonishing. But here's something that IS astonishing:

Yes Playmates, it's a motorised mechanical street sweeper and it's here in Luxor.
Don't forget now, you saw it here first!!!!

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