Aren't people funny?

Over several weeks, a family a couple of streets away have been decorating their balcony. We've been watching the progress. Just a week or so ago, I came into our flat from being on the roof terrace and noticing their painter standing on his stepladder and reaching a little too far towards the edge of the balcony ceiling for my liking, I didn't want to watch him plummet to the street four storeys below!

Anyhow, after the first coat of paint (white if I remember correctly) comes the first coat of ma'ajoon (filler) which is slapped over the whole surface with a couple of six inch wide filling knives. Then, it's sanded flat and repainted in a different colour, and then sanded flat again. This process is carried out again and again, until the painter is satisfied that the job is right. (Or, until he gets sick of it, or decides that he cannot go on charging the customer for ma'ajooning indefinitely!) Then the final coats of colour go on.

The wall of this house ended up going through several attractive shades of pink, before the finished plain result below. It was perfectly acceptable, although it would never have been our choice.

But then.........they mist have let one of their children loose with a couple of stencils and a paintbrush! Here are the resulting beautifications in close-up:

I mean! Would you really want scary creatures and flowers splattered haphazardly all over your walls?

I'll see you later, bye-eee.

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