Well, here we are back in Luxor. It goes without saying (or at least it should!) that we wish you, Dear Reader, a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. But that wish might not stretch to the squatters whom have been enjoying the untold benefits of "Our Luxor" while we've been away!!!!

I'm pleased that these cheeky little bleeders weren't the sort of squatters which take over whole dwellings or buildings back in England, e.g. "New Ager's" or supposed "Romany's", instead they were Dicky Birds; making use of one of our air conditioner covers:

Mind you, they had moved out by the time we landed, I only discovered their habitation whilst cleaning, or perhaps I would never have realised that they'd been here!

Yes, that's our current occupation; CLEANING! Because we've been away for so long (and also because our good friend wasn't able to do a rough vacuum outside because I'd switched off the electricity) the place was buried under a goodly layer of sand and mummy dust. Never mind; it's coming together slowly. It's very comforting having two vacuums, you know, and my giant 'super-blower' (remember, from a posting earlier in the year) came in very handy for the walls and A/C covers etc., I was very impressed! I'm still keeping it a secret from the neighbours, though; I'd hate to engender feelings of inadequacy or envy in them!!!!

We're slowly catching up with friends and other bits and pieces too. Did I tell you about the frightening discrepancy in the number of electricity units on the bill and the number that were actually on the meter? 

Well, just in case I didn't; the last number on the bill was 29,000 units of electricity LESS than that which was on the meter!!! A bit of a shock, as I'm sure you'll agree. My rough calculation (trying to work from the figures on the bill, which is all in Arabic, of course) we were about £2000 short! The good news seems to be that we are actually only about 2000le short, which is a huge relief. In actual fact, we've been told that if we pay it all in one go; it will only be 1800le, which is even better! That's to sort out over the next few days, with the help of one of our good (good English speaking) friends, that is. It's nice to have friends, isn't it? Adams wife is cooking for us tonight, it'll be lovely!

Well, Freda has arisen from her nap, so it's time to get my nose back to the grindstone for a bit. Next job is to put up the net curtains in our livingroom. 

I'll see you later, alligator!

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  1. Ah, those are the best kind of squatters, all gone by the time you got back and a small nest isnt hard to clean up

    You also get that warm feeling, they had somewhere to bring up the kids

    That bill must have been a shock until you read it right, still a few LE saved is beter in your pocket than theirs

    Looking forward to how things are when you get all sorted out, hearing all the news, hopefully it will be good news this year for the Egyptians (and thje tourists) there has even been a few advertisments for Egypt this year, so maybe its on the up :-) (at last)