Another polling day for Egypt.

Howdy folks! (Sorry, but we've just been watching an old episode of Auf Wiedersehen Pet, where Oz becomes a Country and Western singer, lol!)

Today has been the first day of voting for or against the proposed new Egyptian constitution. Which means that everyone has to be inconvenienced as much as is humanly possible! Mainly by the local 'buses being re-routed down back alleys, causing long, impatient and fume laden queues, because roads have been closed arbitrarily anywhere near polling stations. Elswhere, the Police seem to have been withdrawn. (Are they all on duty inside the schools which are being used for the polling?)

Then there's the coming and going of the helicopter! Swooping here and diving there, and all the while making a dreadful racket (and no; it's not Brahms third racket, just in case you were wondering). (Colloquialism(?): Brahms third racket is a reference to a scene in a British situation comedy called "Fawlty Towers".) Here he is, generally having a good time, I think:

(The helicopter pilot, that is, and not Basil Fawlty, who is not allowed to have a 'good time' at all.) It took me about ten shots to get an even half decent picture, so don't complain, eh? I'd taken a few before we left home, and then some more from the terrace of the Nile Palace, where we took our tea this afternoon. We needed a break from cleaning a reorganising everything at home. I even remembered to take the binoculars!

Tuesday afternoons always used to be a good day for watching the Nile cruisers leaving or arriving, but it hasn't been quite the same over recent times!!! Nevertheless, here came along a cruiseboat which we hadn't actually seen before:

The "Adonis", as well as being surprised to see it, we were also surprised not to recognise it either. I'd thought that we must have seen all the Nile cruisers at one time or another, but the Adonis didn't ring any bells at all! And before any Clever Dick says that it wasn't actually 'working', take a good look at this close-up; there are loads of tourists enjoying the sun and the views from the top deck!

It's 'noses back to the grindstone' in the morning, as we are welcoming our first visitors of 2014 tomorrow. The first one is bringing lunch with her, so I hope it's something I like, and  the second one is due later on in the afternoon. I think she's just bringing herself though, but she's always welcome as would any of you be who are reading this!

Doesn't time fly, it's tomorrow already! I'd better get off now; tablets, teeth cleaned and bed. Goodnight!


  1. Would that be the series I gave you ?

    I hope so :-)

    That is very strange you mentioned the Adonis, I had an email in my inbox today telling me that this Nile cruise was going ahead and would I like to book a cruise, its for 10 days, up and down the Nile and stopping at all the tourist places, they say they provide gourmet food on board, evening entertainment, free wine and beer and provide a 5* service, but there was no price on there, you hjad to give them a call

    I hope that just isnt something a company has done on its own back, I hope they will be let loose to see the markets, ride the carriages and even have a go in the boats, sort of spread the money around a bit rather than keeping it in the company

    Yes helicopters canb be noisy, but you want a Chinook fly over at 2 am and at 200 feet (he flies that low so he can follow the A40 to RAF Northolt (its been the same Chinook for 3 nights now

    I hope the elections go well and your new guests enjoy themselves as much as I did in your apartment

  2. Great to see you back in sunny Luxor and blogging. Also to see you are having visitors, I wonder what lunch will be......... Look forward to reading about your life in Luxor. All the best, and hope to meet up again one day.
    Ann and Phil