New Egyptian Revolution?

We got an email from a dear friend in Luxor, last night. Although she lives over on the 'Side of the Dead', she's very close to the river and can see across, and she's very keen to watch and know what's going on on our side as far as 'unrest' or demonstrations etc go.

This is some of what she said.........."Well, its all amazing! They estimate 20,000 people in Luxor demonstrating! And peacefully. Some wonderful pics of the women marching, surrounded by men and muslim and christian side by side!"

Another Luxor man (Dusak, living at Karnak) decided, last night, to collect some friends who were staying at the Etap, and take them to the Taste of India, which lies at the other end of town.

Here are some extracts of his report which he published on the Luxor4U Forum..........."Well we all chanced our evening out at the Indian last night ……….The journey to the Etap was as smooth as silk. There were approximately 2/250 people outside the government office's. They had placed a stage across the road and music was playing. It gave the impression of a party atmosphere. On our way to the restaurant we saw very little traffic which I think annoyed the driver as this removed his need to continually use his horn…………... Going back to the hotel the crowds were massive, both outside the hotel and adjoining streets, but still very little traffic. This was, by any definition of the word, party time for all those in attendance. They were chanting, shouting, laughing and joking. There was music, flag waving and street sellers. The people of Luxor showed the world just what a peaceful demonstration looked like. I commend each and every one of them. Of course this was just from my perspective within a small area of Luxor so do not know how the rest of Luxor fared or what may have transpired after I arrived home. Karnak was just its normal happy self."

While I certainly don't wish that I wasn't here with our family, I do wish I could have been in Luxor yesterday! I would have loved to witness these scenes personally, even if it were just to debunk all the ignorant doomsayers posting on the various forums dedicated to Luxor. I'm sick and tired of people posting destructive mis-information regarding Luxor and the supposedly dangerous atmosphere there.

Another Blogger (more famous than I am, for sure) posted a YouTube video of the demonstrators in Luxor last night (Sunday June 30th) and it tells the same story!

Here's a small part of what she had to say........."Perched high on the Calesh, steadying myself with a hand on the driver’s shoulder (not proper in ordinary life!), I felt a hand tugging at my ankle.  Looking down, there was a foreign lady wanting to speak with me.  She was concerned that I might be hurt – wanted to know if I knew an American had been killed while filming a battle outside a Muslim Brotherhood office in Alexandria the day before.  I assured her I was in no danger.  Luxor is not Cairo and most people know each other by sight and far from wanting to do me or any tourist harm they go to extra lengths in times like this to ensure our safety.............Luxor has never seen a day of such unity and solidarity across religions, sexes and nationalities. 

"Luxor is not Cairo", indeed!

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