More 'Men 'with Beards!

Well, you would, wouldn't you? I was more than a little taken aback when I came across these crowds of the dreaded 'Men with Beards', in a nearby Methodist Chapel! (Pictures farther on.)

We've been making good use of Number One Son's car over the past few days, while he sleeps between his 12 hour night-shifts. We took the old woman from downstairs (Mother) for a run to the coast; Seaburn where we could park right next to the beach so it wasn't too far for her (and me) to walk. On the way, we stopped at Oilcloth's (actually it's called Lino's) fish and chip shop in Pelaw, and picked up a beautiful big fat cod and a handful of chips to fortify us when we got there.

Mam wouldn't join us in the fish supper, which meant all the more for her hungry offspring! We did have a little walk though. Here's what the beach at Seaburn looks like:

Of course this piccy was taken in the evening, when there weren't many bathers in the water or many sunworshippers on the beach, we prefer empty spaces, being famously anti-social!

Anyway, back to those blokes with beards. We had a short visit to Durham, a lovely old Cathedral City, about a twenty minute drive away. It was short because the parking charges were 50p per half hour!!! Never mind, next time we might use the 'Park and Ride' 'bus service from right next to the motorway junction. We were wandering around, as is our wont, when we came across Elvet Methodist Church. It's certainly a grand and beautiful place; by the looks of it, I would have thought that it might have originally been a Wesleyan place, as it was far too grand to have been a humble Primitive or New Connexion place of worship.

A makeshift, multi-coloured sign fastened to the usual notice board read "Knitted Bible Exhibition." Now then, I know that the world renowned "Lindisfarne Gospel" is currently on display in Durham, but a Knitted Bible????? I was tempted to imagine old American women, sitting in a circle and knitting individual pages, rather like those 'quilters', you know? We just had to go in!

Honestly, it was amazing; about 35 'tableaux' of little knitted people, animals and scenery, depicting many of the notable Bible stories. I snapped away at only a few. Just loved the many 'Men with Beards'!

Can you guess who this first one is? (The coat is a clue, as is the fact that he has a connection with Egypt, and therefore deserves a place on my Blog!)

Next are his naughty brothers and some of their father's sheep.

Next up is a boozy wedding at Cana in Galilee:

And finally, a bit of a rowdy evening meal, hidden away in an upper room!

I wonder what President (Ex?) Mohamed would think of these 'Men with Beards'? 

The whole lot were made by the folk at St Georges URC at Hartlepool. They're on loan at Durham till Friday, and the whole exhibition is then moving on to Consett, the old steel town.

We had cups of Chapel Tea, with biscuits, while we chatted with the ladies of the church who were 'on duty', before we headed home. A pleasant little visit!

Bye for now.

p.s. I remember wearing a ginger knitted wig in my youth, whilst impersonating Tiny Tim, playing the ukulele and singing 'Tiptoe Through the Tulips'! Happily, no pictures have survived!!!!!

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