Sing, sing all earth!

Well, on our last Sunday before returning to sunnier climes, I had the opportunities to sing in the bass chorus of Olivet to Calvary at Springwell Chapel, in the afternoon, and join in with the 'congregational' singing at the South Shields Folk Club in the evening. A full day, but I was unable to make the evening service at our own place at Windy Nook, due to stuffing my face at the Faith Tea after the Cantata and not arriving home till almost 5.45!

The Cantata is the same one we sang at Windy Nook on Good Friday, only with a few more voices in the choir, so I'd had several practices before that. With the extra practice last Wednesday, I should have been OK; after all I'd been singing it every other year for about 40 years previous to moving to Luxor!!!

Brother-in-law Roy, chose not to actually sing this time. He would sit in the congregation with my mother. Mmmmm, perhaps he could be persuaded to take a few pics with my easy-to-use Samsung camera? Good old Roy, always game for a laugh! Trouble was, the camera decided to not work for him. (He probably doesn't have the tender, caressing touch that the camera is used to!)

I took it from him and snapped..........
By this time, quite a number had disappeared into the hall to partake of the Faith Tea. I was stopped on my way by two ladies whom I hadn't seen for about 40 years! We had quite a chin-wag about the days when we made up the 'Young People' of our respective chapels, what a hoot; two flash birds who had suddenly transformed into two 67 year old 'old bags'!!!! (In truth, they were still very good looking, but a bit old for a youngster like me at 62!) By the time I got to where the goodies were arrayed, there were only a few sausage rolls left in the savoury section, but there were cakes aplenty! Different types of chocolate cake, two or three different sponge sandwich cakes, some delightful little scones with jam and cream plus a host of 'Mr Kipling' type (bought, as opposed to home-made) tarts and buns etc. I sampled one or two (?) with a few cups of 'Chapel Tea'. 'Chapel Tea' is invariably too strong for my delicate taste buds, but I managed with the addition of an extra bit of boiling water.

On eventually getting a lift home, I had a half hour nap on the sofa before making some nice Ceylon tea and then making my way across to our Chapel to cadge a lift to South Shields with our Susan and Roy. We were going to see a singing group called GU4, pronounced Guffaw. (About GU4)

In case you aren't aware of how British folk clubs generally operate: They are peopled by folk song afficionadoes who sing or play (or both) folk music of various types. Most members will perform in front of the others as they meet week on week, and depending on the club finances, they might have special paid guests now and then who might be professional or at least semi-professional. This week at South Shields, we had the very famous professional Benny (The Whale) Graham, not as the guest, but just as a visiting singer! There were also a few others who were semi-professional in the gathering (our Susan knew most of them, but I didn't know them from Adam!) I managed to get a video of GU4 which is short enough to put on here. They aren't everyone's cup of tea, but their music and style are right up my street!

They asked two of their semi-professional friends who were in  the audience (Barrie and Ingrid Temple: to join them for their last encore, they are on the right of the picture. (They sang earlier just as a duo, and were tremendous.)

That's just about it for now, I think. Insh'Allah, my next posting will be from our home in Luxor, where we'll be spending the next week or so cleaning out five weeks worth of the Sahara before our next guests arrive. (They're on their honeymoon, I do hope that they find our place romantic enough!!!!!)

Toodle pip!

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