Didn't we have a loverly time the day we went to .......................Hexham!

I suppose that it'll be only the English reader (and even then, probably not many?) who might recognise the plagiarism involved with the title of this post? So, for those of you to whom it's just a statement with a misspelling; here's where the original came from: 

Even if the weather's not too grand, we do like having a trip out to the Northumberland market town of Hexham, it's different! Invariably, either on the way there or on the way back, we call at one of our favourite little tea shops. It's in the village of Mickley Square, which lies directly on the A695 midway between Prudhoe and Stocksfield.

(Mickley Square is also where visitors can find 'Cherryburn'; the birthplace of the famous Northumbrian artist and engraver Thomas Bewick, which is now owned and cared for by the National Trust.
More info at http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/cherryburn/visitor-information/ )

Anyway, back to the tea shop! Here it is, as you can see, it's called by the strange name of "Jiggery Pokery".

As well as being a little gem of a teashop, they also sell antiques and bric-a-brac. Some absolutely fascinating pieces, as well! How about their long case clock?

Oh look; it's 'P' to 'G'!!!

We enjoy the lovely atmosphere of Jiggery Pokery, the owners and staff are very nice, and of course the snacks and cakes are to die for! I was quite taken aback, when (after ordering a tea, a coffee and a toasted tea-cake) the chap brought two plates, it seemed that our Luxor reputation for thrift had arrived before us! (As most of you already know, hotel staff in Luxor are used to providing us with two plates, as we generally share one meal.) But just have a gander at these cakes:

There's plenty of seating, as well, the shop entrance is on street level and it's full of interesting stuff. There's some very pleasant repro furniture alongside lovely antique pieces, and jumbled up in display cases are some really rare finds! (There were two beautiful glass and silver claret jugs, but too expensive for the likes of us.) At the back of this room there are about 6 steps up to the main teashop part of the premises, where there are about 5 tables, through another doorway they have several more tables, mixed in among the antiques etc.

 Ever onwards, we made our way along to Hexham. The charity shops here can (and do) turn up with some really choice articles! And, there are plenty of them, even a Buddhist one!

Our favourite Hexham shop is "Ashbourne House". It's choc-a-block full of antiques, junk, bric-a-brac, works of art and painting by numbers! It spreads over three floors and we just love it! Nevertheless, today it was closed. Mondays and Thursdays, we'll know for the next visit!

Never mind, we still had a few charity shops to browse through, and then to the "Cornmill Cafe" for our usual Welsh rarebit with mango chutney. We couldn't find it, how was that? No, it hadn't moved, we'd just walked past it; and it was also closed, but (horror of horrors) closed for good!

Wandering around the shops near the Market Place, we came across Robin the Busker, playing his melodeon. He was great, but he must have been a touch on the cold side!

Eventually, we ended up at "Mr's Miggin's Coffeeshop" which was perfectly adequate, but sadly a bit of a disappointment after being hyped up for my Welsh Rarebit!

We were parked near the fabulous Hexham Abbey:

Hexham has a great number of good quality shopping opportunities as well as it's charity sector, it also hosts different festivals etc. throughout the year For instance, on the 27th of April there is the Spring Fair and Hexham 'Eating Festival'! That sounds good to me!

By the time we left for home, we'd only spent a few pounds, but had an enjoyable time. The only real grumble was that I'd had to wear my coat, as it was very blustery and really quite cold. Never mind, we'll soon be on our way back to Luxor. Perhaps then, I can find something to write about that might actually interest you, Dear Reader!


  1. I´m interested Edward,dont forget your expat readers,i miss places like Hexham,however if I was writing it would be a tour of the pubs not the teashops!

  2. Typical of the reprobate that you always were; and typical of the reprobate whom we miss so much!!!! We still have hopes of seeing you again, even though I'm 62 today, and edging ever nearer to my 'departure date', lol.
    I suppose that you were told about Auntie Dorothy Potter?

  3. What a great day out, despite the weather, You are lucky you still have a town cener to wander round, all we have are a few bakers shops, charity shops (that are anything but) and every other shop is a chicken or pizza takeaway

    I like wandering around these tea shops (and even pubs, if you can find one that has been shut down and boarded up)

    Its a shame shops like this are fading away along with the owners, it will be the end of a great era when they go, the kids wont want to keep these shops on the go

    Not a problem with a good tea shop (the cakes looked rewally good) as long as they serve coffee, real coffee, not that powdered stuff

    IF I had known you were back in 'Blighty' I could havce sent you the hard drive

    Have fun, stay warm


  4. Nobody told me anything about Mrs Potter, a lovely lady,suppose it comes to us all but it doesnt make it any easier.
    Passed the 60 mark myself the other day but think I should manage a few more years, bought myself a Harley Davidson as a birthday present, maybe that will do what old age is trying to do,
    Give my love to Freda (I´m still frightened of her)and take care you 2

    in Mexico at the moment but hope to visit the Middle East again begore I pop the clogs

  5. What is it with old men and Harley Davidsons? Potter has an HD look-a-like, to go with his Jag. And yet Eric (who was the motor bike king, remember?) only has his flash Mercedes sports thingy! (When he called to see us, the neighbours thought he must have been my 'dealer'!!!!)
    I think you've all got a death-wish, it's quite frightening, really!
    p.s. Freda says that she might look upon you with a bit more kindness, now that you're just another little old man.

  6. My Harleys not a look a like but it is the smallest in the range,i havent got a Jag but my old Dodge Charger with its 5.7 lt Hemi (real American Crap)serves me well.

    Eric has probably got the right idea (along with the money to sustain it)

    Tell Freda thanks but the "might" has me worried

    Take care