You'd better get your skates on!

That's taken me back a few years! Do you remember your skates? I certainly remember mine, they were like these:

Very noisy, as they had steel bearings for wheels, and dangerous as they had no brakes (which were known as 'Stoppers' when they did finally arrive, along with the rubber wheels), we must have been mad. I wonder what the elf and safety police would have thought of them. No doubt our parents would be arrested for child abuse, or neglect at least, in this day and age!

Remember this, as well?

Never mind, that's not the point of this Blog, it was just that the Blog title disturbed my memory banks!

To the matter in hand, then. 'You'd better get your skates on'; if you want to join in Luxor's latest "Healing and Relaxation Program" (sadly being conducted by people who cannot spell!) which is being held at the Steigenberger Nile Palace Hotel on February 22nd and March 1st. The first session was on the 15th, but it wasn't all that well attended:

Mind you, as we were coming away I did notice our friend Mr Gamal, the Steigenberger Chairman, arriving on scene in his very fetching dark blue patterned track suit!!!!! (I didn't take a snap of him, as I don't want to be banned from his hotel forever!)

Here's the advertising sign in the lobby:

Isn't it funny; Thai Chi. Mispronounce it and it turns into Chai Thi, I think I'd better have a cup just now.

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  1. WOW, I remember these skates, I also remember the scabs on my knees, if you hit a bit ogf gravel on the path, that would be it, another grazed knee

    They had a nut and bolt adjustment so it was 'one size fits all'

    The H&S would never allow them these days, in fact I dont think they would pass any inspection now, but they were part of every kids 'growing up'

    And when the bearings neded replacement, you could get them from a hardware shop and in some cases a bike shop, but they usually endded up rusting away in a shed somewhere

    They could have been used as a fore runner of a skateboard thinking about it

    I think I still have gravel imbeded in my knees, ah happy days