"Rufus Roo Beats The Baggage Charge"

That's the slogan of the Rufus Roo competition, where some lucky Blighter is going to win FOUR of these very handy waistcoats! (And, like the National Lottery; "You've got to be in it to win it!")

Of course you, Dear Reader, will have already read the recent Our Luxor blog about our own airport adventure where such an accessory would have been a huge boon, but where, in the event, my old Barbour jacket had to suffice. Well, there's a bit of a story to my actual finding out just how versatile this 'Big Pocket' thing really is. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin!

After the rain last week, we were pretty well stressed out. With all the cleaning etc and the inescapable fact that I was going to have to paint the roof terrace walls, I wasn't the happiest of Bunnies, I can tell you! Then, to top it off, right in the middle of all this trauma, we received a panicked telephone call from a lady with a Geordie accent! It was the famous (or should that read 'infamous'?) lady from the Trip Advisor Luxor forum: newcastlemiss003. This was Tuesday, and about 5:30pm; she only wanted to come and stay with us the following day!

What could we do, when a fellow mangler of the 'Queen's English' was found to be in need? In for a penny; in for a pound, "Of course you can, and welcome!" Mind you, just then, we had no idea of what we were letting ourselves in for!!!!

Freda and I set to, and whizzed through the guest apartment like a proverbial 'dose of salts'. (That's a bit of a colloquialism, meaning very quickly, and originating from the expected speed of the consequences of taking a 'dose' of Epsom Salts, an erstwhile popular remedy for the constipation!) The apartment was soon habitable.

newcastlemiss003 is a regular visitor to our strange adopted hometown, she's obviously as daft as we are! Being of a generous nature, and as soft as claggy toffee, she brings oodles of gifts for the Sunshine Children's Home in Luxor, as well as stuff for some of her Egyptian friends. This largesse comes with its own setbacks, however; she either doesn't bring all the stuff she needs for herself, or she'd have to pay the dreaded 'excess baggage' charges! Not anymore, Matey!

The addition to her wardrobe of the (admittedly not very stylish) Rufus Roo BIG POCKET Travel Jacket, has solved that particular problem. Here's a shot of the children's clothes she managed to fit into the pockets of her Rufus Roo:

Rather impressive, I'm sure you'll agree. As for me, I'll have to make do with my trusty Barbour, although I'm not sure that I could really wear it to come here during the summer months, lol.

Here's another picture, this time showing the actual jacket being modelled by newcastlemiss003 herself:

It's amazing just how small it rolls up to, it would easily fit into a trouser pocket. Although I'd hate to be without my excellent Barbour in the depths of the Windy Nook winters, I've got to admit that for summer jaunts to warmer climes, the Rufus Roo (at 30 odd quid) beats the £200 Barbour as a wearable suitcase!!!!

Little newcastlemiss003 has certainly opened my eyes to its possibilities, as it really did live up to the slogan of "Rufus Roo Beats The Baggage Charge" for her.


  1. I dont actually need one of these jackets (I have been lugging a bag on my back for 8 months, my day bag has nearly been the same size at some places, (20Kgs,) it hasnt contained a lot of my clothes but quite a bit of other stuff, the laptop, hard drives, several cameras, all my cables and adaptors (so many diferent plugs around the world, but Australia is unique with theirs) several tee shirts, sandels (hanging off a bit of string) I do keep it below the desk when I check in though, its only when I get on the aircraft anything arises (I really shouldnt have tried my sleeping bag as well, but with a smile (looking like the usual Brit D88khead traveller I have got away with it
    I do think I have done quite well, my back pack has weighed in at 23.7 Kgs and that has a multitude iof stuff to help me survive my travels in some degree of comfort (and enabled me to buy a few gifts)
    But fairplay to Newcastlemiss for bringing that lot through
    I have found that cargo trousers with their multitude of pockets are handy for carrying stuff as well (until you have to look for something, then you realise you definately have too many pockets)

  2. Oh, yes, I forgot to mention, rather than a 'dose of salts' a whirling dervish would have been more appropriate considering your location

  3. Please - the Rufus roo jacket makes you look like you are the cleaning staff of the facility where you're wearing it. I'd rather lose the extra couple of quid than my dignity.

    1. Hi Anonymous

      Any dignity goes out the window when you use a airline like easy jet/Ryan air, its all about getting as much on board for as little cost as possible, this jacket is ideal, as others would be wearing something similar, it wouldnt matter about dignity, that wont save any money and this jacket does what it says, it allows you to carry more as 'hand luggage or carry on gear
      I'd use it

  4. Hi Anonymous, of course you're right.......for you! (And maybe for me too, I'm not sure.) Nevertheless, it's not just a couple of quid with many people. I believe that some airlines are charging £25 per kilo of excess baggage!!!!
    In saying that, we've brought a wide variety of heavy articles here on aeroplanes, and never had to pay any extra, it's all down to proper planning, in my view.