The Homecoming.

Well, we're back, safe and sound, and with our two new 'arv brollups' (from Ikea) remaining undamaged into the bargain! I did have a panic on though, as I realised that I'd either hadn't packed the new camera, and it was consequently still in the bedroom at Windy Nook, or lost it while travelling, I actually felt sick! We'd emailed and sent texts to our son Benjamin, to ask him to search for it diligently, but his answer came back in the negative, I was beside myself! In a last, hopeless and frantic gesture, I emptied the carry-on case which had the breakable treasures from Marrakech in it. Lo and behold; it was hiding beneath the heavily packed three decorative plates destined for the kitchen wall of the Guest Apartment! I cannot put the relief which I felt into words.

It's lovely to be back, and it's lovely to see our friends and neighbours again, even though they're still moaning about the lack of tourists, as ever!
Old Mr Mohamed (he thinks he's 82 or 83) has moved into his nephew's house around the corner, for a bit of modern comfort, and so that they can more easily keep an eye on him as he becomes increasingly frail. He's still a loveable character though, shouting out "Are you English?" or "Bloody Wogs!" every time he sees me.
Adam's eldest son has a badly swollen face where he managed to get some highly toxic hair gel in his eye!
And, Mr Edward, the doctor's assistant, has turned over a new leaf (or possibly had a touch of sunstroke?) he's washed the stairs down TWICE this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was also a surprise to find that the daytime temperatures are only in the high 30's, very unusual for August but most welcome, I can assure you!

There are lots of different things that have been happening while we've been away. The police are back, and with a vengeance, or so it would seem.
Do you remember all the illegal wall building, after the demolitions for the new roads and the excavation of the Kabesh Road? (And maybe, more importantly, after they became 'FREE'!) I said at the time that they wouldn't endure, and I have been proven right!
These few pictures were taken up next to the railway line and on the junctions with Mustafa Kamel Street and Ramsis Street. The police have been around with demolition crews!

I do have a certain amount of sympathy with these landowners, who are aggrieved at the paucity of the compensation packages they received from President Mubarak's crooked officials. But I also think that they were daft to throw good money after bad, with these unauthorised brickworks.  

Whilst the demolitions are carrying on, there are still additional floors being built elsewhere and everywhere. This next pic is of a building on Youseff Hassan Street, I took it from our bedroom window. I've no idea if the work is kosha or not, some people still think that their newfound revolutionary freedom means that they can do whatever they want, without recourse to a higher authority! Mind you, it cannot be seen from the street.    

I can't now remember if I told you about abandoning our local baker? Well, I did, but I was surprised to see that his bakery is now closed and that he's also extending upover, with (at least) three floors being built on the top of the bakery:

 It seems as though the antiquities people haven't been idle either, as evidenced by the extension to the foundations of the perimeter wall on the Kabesh Road just beyond the Emilio Hotel. Have you ever seen so much in the way of reinforcing rebars?

I hope that the two churches in the distance are making the most of their  unintended reprieve, they're surely there on borrowed time by now!

Just past the 'government' shop on Youseff Hassan Street, a Christian organisation of some sort spent a year or two rebuilding (whatever was there) into a rather fine looking large house. I had been told that it was meant as a refuge for 'fallen' women! I had supposed something like the English 'homes for unmarried mothers' of our youth, lol. However, I'd only seen one or two nuns occasionally coming and going from the place ever since it was finished, strange?
On venturing out on Tuesday, I saw this:

Or, perhaps more to the point, this:

Yes, the prestigious 'German School' has moved from its premises in far flung Awameya to the town centre. It makes sense, I suppose, as their potential pupils will come from all over Luxor, and even possibly from the Side of the Dead!
We've just had an email from a parent of one of their pupils, it reads: "Apparently this building is just temporary until the new school is built as they were having problems with the other building."
With that news, it becomes obvious that they aren't moving into the town centre, really. With hindsight, I suppose that it's obvious that anyone who can afford to send their children there will probably be dropping them off with the family car, making the actual location of the school of little importance.

And now for something completely different, for a moment. Well, sort of!

After I'd been on the wander, snapping shots here and there, willy-nilly; I got back home to find Freda reading. Nothing unusual there, we both enjoy a decent book. The problem is that she insists on sitting on my side of the bed to do it, as the natural light is better there than on her's! As I was ready for a half hour kip, and being the thoughtful and obedient husband that I am, I chose to lie on her side of the bed, in order not to disturb her reading. Wasn't that nice of me?

As I lay down, I wasn't aware of anything being amiss, but an hour or so later, when I awoke, I was horrified! My hair was all wet at the back; seemingly it had come from Freda's pillow, as it also felt decidedly damp, I don't know how she puts up with it. I'm afraid that I'll have to have my own side of the bed in future, her reading will have to take second place!

Now then, where was I?

Ah, yes. The Supreme Council of Luxor must also have been busy! The following picture is of the new carriage horse shelters on Sharia Karnak, near the entrance to Luxor Temple. There are loads more of them near the site of the old Egotel, at the South end of the Temple as well. Maybe there are even  more for me to find? I'll keep you posted.


  1. LOL - What are 'arv brollups? I'll tell you what with your neeps and tatties and 'arv brollups- it's a foreign language to me!

  2. WOW you must come to England more often as things are really getting a move on in Luxor nice shelters for the horses.And we get to know whats going on when your there,Sandra Mick x