Never been known!

You and I both know what these are, don't we? No, it's not a trick question, they're glass cake stands. But Ikea call them by their foreign name (I think) and therefore they are 'arv brollups'. I'm surprised a young educated person like our friend Ruby Tuesday, didn't know that!

Anyway, they're lovely, and a replacement for our other two. The ones we've been using were ideal really, light and easy to use because they were made of plastic. The only problem was that they were starting to show scratches where they were being constantly washed, such a shame.

While I expect that the glass ones won't scratch, I am a bit worried that one of our guests might drop one of the lids and break it; tiles are such an unforgiving surface!

Never been known? That's right; three Blogs in one day, you lucky people!

I see that Max Bygraves, who could be a lot funnier than many of today's comedians, sadly died today. Who'd have thought it, eh?

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