E =mc2

Well, it's still fereeeezing here! So much so, that I had to get the two zippy-up storage bags down from on top of the wardrobe, so that we could retrieve our winter coats! Honestly, I've never known a winter like it in all the years in which we've been associated with Luxor. It didn't get above 19 degrees c again today.

We ventured out to the Nile Palace, in the hope of benefiting from their heat, what a nerve, eh? Never mind, it was worth it just for the quality of the tourist watching! I'm sure that the clever-Dicks among you will recognise the title of this post as being the work of one Albert Einstein? (Actually, I used to regularly pass a pub named the "E=mc2" when on railway work, on the way to Preston station.) Then, I suppose that you all think that he died on the day before my birthday in 1955?


Well; YOU'RE WRONG!!!!! We saw him tonight! He's alive and well, and holidaying at the Steigenberger Nile Palace Hotel in Luxor! Granted, he's tried to disguise himself a bit, you know the sort of thing; cargo pants and trainers (things that you wouldn't dream of wearing in real life). I should think that the lady with him is his wife, and as such actually chooses his clothes and tells him what to wear. I have noticed, a time or two, that some wives seem to take the occasion of a holiday as an opportunity to thoroughly humiliate their husbands by making them wear the most ridiculous outfits (or combinations) imaginable!

I can just imagine them when they are out shopping..........."That will do for our George's holiday in Egypt, I'll just tell him that the luminous pink and blue trainers and canary yellow cut-off cargoes are all the rage among the Egyptians, and they'll go lovely with the Hard Rock Cafe tee shirt I got him in Sri Lanka when he had hair and his waist was 34 inches.. I'm sure it will stretch a bit to cover his XXL belly! He'll never know the difference for £7.50!" Poor George. His beetroot coloured face and peeling scalp add a nice touch of extra, natural, colour to his ensemble.

We saw Chico (Marx) again tonight as well, here he is as you might remember him, on the left in the film "Duck Soup". (Thanks to Paramount Pictures for the photo.)


(You know; I've mentioned him before, when he chucked making movies he somehow wangled a cracking supervisory job at the NP.) Tonight, he was wandering around with a projector of some sort, and a couple of minions running around after him with bundles of wire. We think he must have been going to show one of the old films he made with his brothers, but we couldn't be bothered to wait to find out!

I think it's probably time to get my fleece on for bed! It was down to 9 degrees last night....brrrrrrrr. 

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