A "Blast From The Past".

Good morning. Here we are, it's March already but it's still a bit on the chilly side. I suppose that it's to do with Global Warming somewhere along the line! Anyway, it's unusually cold for March.

I've been having a look through the 'Search Keywords' again. There's not so many of interest this time, but some are really weird: 

Patrick J Suddick 29/02/2012
hotel loppy 23/02/2012
limited edition wheeling tile company tiles 23/02/2012
sundance kölyök wikipédia hun 22/02/2012
ambulance 2012 12/02/2012
badge # 206 trading floor new york stock exchange 12/02/2012
woodshop floor lines08/02/2012
copper water pipe hookup for laundry 08/02/2012
www.nust intake and dad line 2012 03/02.2012
etp guide construction a baba hassen 28/01/2012
fantasy burning hand 27/01/2012
arabic spread made with lentils 26/01/2012
call+of+duty+black+ops+despicable+me+emblem 11/01/2012

There were so few of noteworthiness in January, that I bundled the two months together to make a worthwhile list. I think the latest entry is probably my favourite, "Why?" I hear you ask! Well, the search had led the enquirer to the following picture on my Blog:


Rather strange, don't you think? I thought so, so I Googled the name in order to try and find how such a search came up with such an answer. After trawling through a few pages of results, and quite frankly losing interest, I came across the following page: Obituary for Alan Suddick  Alan Suddick was our hero at Newcastle United in the sixties; a real pleasure to watch, as he made monkeys out of the opposing team's defenders!  
Happy days, eh?

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