When I was a boy, I had a wicked elder sister who made me play silly games! Games no-one else had ever heard of, like "Lettles", we also had enemies which were unheard of by those in the "sane" world: the "Caucasses Harrasses"! (That spelling probably isn't right, and even now I can sense her impending wrath from over 2000 miles away!)It was she who introduced me to Sardines, although I cannot actually remember the initiation.
In my relative innocence, I had always imagined that "Squash" would be a variation of our old childhood game. But it isn't! It's a serious game, played by super fit individuals who seem to be trying to give themselves, or each other, (I'm not quite sure which) heart attacks.
It's even reached our little Ancient Egyptian backwater.

For several days we weren't quite sure what was going on behind the Temple. A structure went up which was obviously going to be tiered seating when it was finished, but we couldn't even hazard a guess at what was being erected in front of them. All scaffolding and bits of glass, it seemed to have a screen at the far end!

I keep telling the Moudira that no-one likes a "Clever Dick", but she continues in her Clever Dick fashion to spot the obvious signs that elude us mere mortals. Like "RED BULL INTERNATIONAL SQUASH TOURNAMENT" plastered where ordinary folk wouldn't think to look!
Anyway, here's a view of the old and the new, just to prove that it's nothing like Sardines. I mean, you could get a stack of people in there, couldn't you?

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