It wasn't Terry Thomas after all !

Well, Tuttie Fruttie Christine went to the Nile Palace last night (dressed in her finest) to catch a glimpse of her long-time screen idol, Omar Sharif. But she didn't see him!
We did, haha. We wanted to have a squint at him too, after all, he is VERY famous, and also to see Zahi Hawass in the flesh.
I didn't take the camera 'cause I thought it would be bad manners to intrude if we did come across him. Silly me! Other folk didn't have any qualms, and he didn't seem to mind at all.
We were sitting in our usual place when the two of them came past on their way to the lift, Zahi introduced the doorkeeper to Mr Omar, who is surprisingly tall, and then gave us a nod as they went on their way.
We like the Nile Palace as we see all sorts traipsing about there. There was the Chinese man with the two ancient geishas, then Joanna Lumley looking just as lovely in real life, and now Zahi Hawass and his good pal, the even more famous, Omar Sharif. It's a coincidence that Mr Omar was staying at the Winter Palace while we were there on our first visit to Luxor in 1997. All the ladies were in a constant state of swoon, "He smiled at me in the garden" or "He held my hand as I stepped down there". He is very big with all the ladies.
If we get back up there tomorrow, I'll take the camera, who knows?
Watch this space!!!!

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