More West Bank changes.

I looked out one evening last week and was astonished to see the Theban Mountains illuminated! What a lovely sight it was. We were due to get four guests to stay, an American family, and I thought that it would be a grand scene for them to see from our terrace. Wouldn't you just believe it, they switched them off the day before they arrived!
Of course, I told them about what a lovely view we had had, but I didn't even manage to get any photos of the damn things because the camera batteries went flat. You know, those "Lithium" ones that are supposed to take 6 zillion pictures, but actually run out after about 47!!!!!!! I've hunted high and low, so far without success, but someone mentioned that Angie at Arkwrights might sell them, Insh'Allah! Bukra! In the meantime I'm struggling on, manfully, with some ordinary ones.
The day after the charming Americans left, the powers that be turned the lights on again, typical? Or what? Anyway, I got this picture after a lot of attempts tonight.

With it being dark (and possibly more because I'm a cameraphobe as well as a technophobe) the camera was taking 15 seconds or so to take the shot. Have you ever tried to hold a camera still for 15 seconds? I thought that I did pretty well, until I saw what passed for a picture, the lit up bits were all over the place! Eventually, the Boss suggested putting a table on top of a table with the camera on the top, and just press the button. No-one likes a "Clever Dick" do they? I'd been standing on a pair of steps to try and miss the lights fron the windows across the street, but it was hopeless, so I gave in to her suggestion.

It was a bit of a Heath Robimson affair, the breakfast cupboard had one of the breakfast tables on top, with the other breakfast table on top of that. Champion, you would think? But no, the cheap rubbishy Egyptian plastic tables aren't quite flat, they curve away around the edges! So much so that the camera was cutting the tops off the mountains, a problem which I fixed with my engineering ingenuity. I found a pen and shoved it under the extended lens.
I'm actually quite pleased with the result, not bad for a lad with no GCE's from Windy Nook, eh?

As usual, click on the pictures to make them bigger.

There are a couple of rumours going the rounds about these lights. Someone said that it's to do with a planned "Sound and Light" show on the West, but somewhere else I read that it is a part of the plans to have the antiquities open in the evenings in order to get more tourists through the doors.
Time will tell, I suppose. Goodnight, and God bless.

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  1. Very ingenious Edward - or very precarious as good old Shakespeare (the Luxor one, not the long time dead one!!) would say!!!