West Bank wall?

I had heard, but struggled to actually believe, that there was to be a wall constructed around the desert on the West Bank! Well, it's true, and here are the first photo's of the foundations.

These trenches are about 2 metres wide and range in depth from about a metre to 1 1/2metres. I've been told that the actual wall is to be 3 metres tall and that a new desert road is to be constructed along the outside of it, with the only entrance gate being where the road turns off for the Muhareb Monastery.

Click on the pictures to make them bigger.

These pictures were taken from outside the Sunrise Quad-Bike Safari garage, the first one looking south, and the second north towards Habu Temple. The wall is roughly 40 metres from the original roadway, and the new road will run right past several houses, maybe to within half a metre of the house walls.
It's certainly going to mean a lot more work will have to be put in by the quad-bike lads. They've already had to build a small bridge, and because they are frightened to let their guests drive over it, they have to take all the bikes over themselves and bring them back after the trip is over. What a palaver?
Let's hope all the expense and trouble is rewarded with some astounding Egyptological discoveries!

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  1. Edward, Edward! Sure isn't there an infamous wall on the other WEST BANK.....? You know the one I mean.... in GAZA? So, of course we have to have our wall on our WEST BANK too - don't we? Keeping up with the Jones' and all that....protection....Berlin Wall, West Bank Wall in Gaza, West Bank Wall in Luxor....protection? Who from what? Or what for whom? won't they all tumble down in the end.....will we never learn??? I'm having a moment...please excuse me!