After our visit to Granada last year we decided we wanted to see more of Moorish Spain so we visited Cordoba in June. We took a bus tour around the city and you can see the photo below of the Mesquita taken from the top of the bus from the other side of the river.

The photos below are all of the inside of the Mesquita.  The videos hopefully will give you an idea of the size of it.  The huge organ is in the cathedral which was built in the middle of the original mosque.





I've heard the expression "A moveable feast", but I've never seen an alter on wheels!

I cannot remember where this last one was taken, but it looks as if it could have been in Royston Vasey, judging by the nose, it looks very LOCAL! (It was definitely in Cordoba, though.)
Our last day we visited the Inquisition Museum, no photos as they were not allowed.  It is the most horrific place, photos, descriptions and actual torture instruments are displayed in the small dimly lit rooms. I cannot imagine how anyone could have or would want to dream up these dreadful instruments.  Although fascinating it is not a place I would recommend for those of a nervous disposition !

Now our holidays are over for this year I am now thinking of next year and have already bought an assortment of travel guides to pour over during the next few weeks. Watch this space. 

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