Gene Kelly's best work?

Sabah el kheir! An Arabic greeting, actually "Morning of goodness", I think. A common reply being Sabah el fol or "Morning of flowers". (Strange folk these Arabs.)

How about this:

I can almost sense you saying to yourself, "What's this old fool showing us now, there's nothing there of the remotest interest!"

Well, Dear Reader you'd be wrong! Again! What's there (apart from the smudge marks on the camera lens, is the absence of the West Bank! I said to Freda, "What happens to the West bank people when it disappears like this? People like West Bank Anne?" Of course I wasn't being entirely serious! We both, in tandem, blurted out "Brigadoon!"

Just imagine it..........the West Bank, and all its antiquities, only appearing for one day every hundred years? There'd be queues miles long, and they could charge a fortune, especially for "Queue-Jumper" tickets!!!!!

I thought I'd just mention in passing, we bought this brass-topped little table at a charity shop.

As you can see, it was in a rather dilapidated and filthy state. A few days ago, my semi-professional cleaning technique (*) soon made it a lot more pleasant to look at, what do you think?

(*) My semi-professional technique involved attacking it with some fine wet-n-dry! I think that might be frowned upon by the antique dealing fraternity!!!!! Never mind, though, it turned out OK.

See you later.


  1. Love the table. We not got a date yet when we can come. Hope you 2 are ok.

  2. Thank you for your kind words, but who are you????????????????? I go crazy trying to deduce who posts anonymously from their style of writing, or little phrases that they use. There are so many people with whom we share a love of Luxor, and whom we haven't seen for a while that it's very difficult. Please please, leave at least a first name, just to give us a clue. Thanks.

  3. Sandra and Mick, we're delighted to hear from you after far too long! We've sent an email to Mick's address, if you don't get it please use our email which is