Not exactly Luxor!

I'm not sure whether I told you about Freda spending my pension money, did I?  You know how much of a "forward planner" she can be (had to have been, really!) Well, not wanting us to just fade away in our armchairs, she decided that we should travel in Europe, only from Newcastle Airport, while we are still relatively mobile and she has my pension to play with!

The first destination was to be Krakow, to facilitate a visit to the Auschwitz Concentration Camp Museum, which lies not far from that city. The flights were booked on the strength of me not snuffing it before my 65th birthday in April. Luckily enough, I did last out and off we went last Monday, Jet2 kindly laying on a flight from Newcastle for our convenience. I couldn't believe my ears when the pilot announced that we'd be landing in 10 minutes, it was impossibly quick! For a budget airline, I must commend them, the flight was quite comfortable, with plenty of legroom (actually bellyroom, for little fatties like me when the tray-table is down!). And the staff on the plane, and in the airports, were plentiful and helpful. 10 out of 10, I'd say.

Our first hotel, The Maltinski, sent a taxi to collect us from the airport. The driver was a big strapping lad, who looked to me as if he'd been in the Russian Army! (A perfect gentleman, though.) He told us that the hotel was very good. I thought that he was bound to say that, when they were giving him work, I mean, it's only a 3*!!! We'd only booked it so that we cold afford to spend two of our four nights at the beautiful Wentzl Hotel, right on the main town square.

In actual fact, the Maltinski was, indeed, a lovely hotel. Five minutes (literally) walk to the Square, and only 16 rooms which were (judging by ours) much more than adequate, with an enclosed outside sitting area. Seemingly no pool or bar, or restaurant (apart from the breakfast room) which would surely limit their star-rating, even though people like us would value the lack of those facilities quite highly, lol!

I'm hoping to do a couple of shortish (well, I'll try to keep them short!) blogs over the next few days, to tell you all about this lovely city. But for now, here are some pictures from the Maltinski Hotel, as a taster. Hope you like them.

Maltinski Hotel entrance, from road.

 The room.

 The room again.


 Bathroom other side.

Last view. 

The Parquet flooring, throughout, was beautiful!

Secluded outside seating and table.

Buffet Breakfast.

Musicians abound in the Square, "What country?" asked the old accordion player, in his National Dress. The reply was, of course, "England."


That's enough for just now, look in in a couple of days, and I'll try to post some more interesting stuff.

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  1. That's an interesting place to visit, Edward! Looks like you're becoming a 'culture vulture' with a bit of punching from your good lady! :-)