A Second bite at the Moulid.

Well, as I told you, I missed the most important "official" part of the Moulid parade. But, as I promised here are some views of the noisiest and most prolific members of the largest grouping to be represented among the chaos of the "cara-nav-Al" (does that ease the actual pronunciation), they are the unemployed and football-crazy young men of Luxor!

I really wouldn't have believed that you could have so many "armed" youths in one place without experiencing at least some serious trouble. Have a look, and see what you think:

There were several groups like this, certainly hundreds in each?

I didn't film them all, mainly because one bunch looked much the same as the next, apart from the different flags.

Of course, even in these straitened times, festivals demand new clothes, aren't these twins just adorable?

And, attending without being scared out of your wits would be no fun at all! This little lad had second thoughts, methinks, mind you, those beasts are very high!

There's always someone dressed up as a gorilla, but I cannot fathom what this animal has to do with either Luxor or the sainted Abu El Haggag!

No doubt, Dear Reader, you noticed the carnival hats on may heads, well. here's one of the many wheeled stalls from where they could be purchased:

I think that's probably enough of the Moulid for this year, but definitely not enough of camels!

As a bit of a "spoiler" regarding my next posting; bearing in mind the previous paragraph, who might you find wandering in Wonderland, and from another source, which girl had "Smokie" lived next door to for 24 years?

Come on now, get your thinking caps on!

P.S. I cannot get the 3rd last video to play properly! The sound is OK but the picture is static, is anyone else having his problem?


  1. I wish you had some stills of your last two posts, Edward. I still can't see the videos which is a shame because I'm sure they are excellent! :-(

  2. Hi Anon,
    If you'd care to send me your email address (to ourluxor@yahoo.co.uk) I'll send you some stills.

  3. I'm just being lazy, Edward! :-) If I get my laptop out instead of the tablet.........need I say more? How very nice of you to offer, though! Thank you.