Back again!

Yes Dear Reader, we're back! Back once again to the dirty little town which we've grown to love..........Luxor, in the Luxor Governorate, in Upper Egypt.

Our journey was as we expected, except for the meal on the LHR/CAI leg; it was absolutely scrumptuous! (I even ate most of the salad!!!!!!) We'd had a nice time in the Air Canada lounge at Heathrow, which came as part of the "looking after" of EgyptAir Gold Card holders, along with the "Fast Track" checking in and boarding, extra baggage allowance and priority baggage handling! I've just got to recommend it.

When we arrived at Cairo International, I tried to ring our regular taxi man, Ayman, to collect us from Luxor Airport, but couldn't raise him so we contacted our mate Mr Bahaa, who arranged a mini-bus to be waiting when we got there. It all worked out fine, and Adam and some of his boys were on hand to help us get our luggage up the stairs to our humble little abode.

The next few days were spent mostly in cleaning, I'm sick to death of removing and refitting curtain hooks! Of course, I had the new roller to fit to our Kirby vacuum, and a new filter for the K'Archer, which has also had a good clean, inside and out, with Jif cream cleaner (it's great stuff!) till it looks like a new one.

Today was the first opportunity we had to relax a little, as we called to see Mr Bahaa at his Sunrise Tours office on the Corniche, in order to pay for the van (Colloquialism: "van" actually refers to a mini-bus here.). Outside his office, I spied (and photographed) a nice old Land Rover Long Wheelbase Safari. It brought back many happy memories.

Mind you, it wasn't a patch (Colloquialism "wasn't a patch" = nowhere near as good as.) on the same model which we toured France in, in 1976! But it was nice to see, anyway.

I was most surprised, and very pleased, to see some progress at the new hotel on the corner of El Corniche el Nil and Salahadeen St (diagonally opposite the Iberotel) belonging to the St Joseph Hotel people. It appears that part of the ground floor (at least) has been taken by the Abu Dhabi International Bank! It looks very flash.

You'll all be thrilled (I know!) to be told that I brought with me my little melodeon, in the case which I so lovingly constructed for it. But now that it is here things are starting to go wrong!!!!

Here's a shot showing where a bit has fallen off:

Do you see the light coloured bit in the centre of the pic? A piece of the bellows tape has come adrift! It's there to protect the bellows from damage, as they are only made of a heavyish cardboard, and easily wear away against clothing etc during playing. I don't know whether it's come off of it's own accord (maybe the raised temperature and low humidity has effected the 100 year old glue) or it could be that I've been playing it too violently when resting it on my leg, and thereby riven it off; who knows? Anyway, I'd better find some way of repairing it, pronto!

Perhaps I'll be able to get to it after I've sorted our water heater, which is still acting itself!

Ho-hum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another day; another dollar (spent!).

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