The tale of our Alice the Camel.

Hello everyone, I'm heartbroken today! I was saving some news about a new addition to the Our Luxor Holiday Apartment until we got back to Luxor next month, but circumstances have conspired to force me to, reluctantly, reveal all just now.

On 24th November we won an ebay auction for a beautiful green camel, called Alice. Alice lived with her then owners in Somerset, at an old mill house, I expect it was idyllic. But she was destined for Luxor! You know, of course, that Egypt doesn't have its own camels? They're brought in from the Sudan, formerly walking over the "40 Day Road",

but now I believe that they tend to be brought most of the way in trucks:

Well, poor Alice was subjected to the indignity of travelling in a truck, too. But not in Egypt! She was put in the care of the transport firm "City Link", with strict instructions for her welfare. The beasts at City Link didn't look out for her, though, and although she left the lovely old mill house in Somerset in fine fettle, she was a sorry state on her arrival in Windy Nook.

Here she is in her prime:

And here she is; lying on the sofa in Windy Nook, a shadow of her former 44 centimetres height, after the savages at City Link had finished with her:  

My anger at such cavalier treatment is indescribable! 


  1. I would be broken hearted too, she was beautiful. I would be gutted Edward.

  2. I feel so bad for you. What a shame. Such a waste.

  3. I was going to offer a price for it oh so sad. Hope you enjoyed you Christmas we are still waiting for the all clear t o come may be end febuary.Happy New Year to you both xx