Another year of life at "Our Luxor" hurtles towards a close!

Yes friends, our last guests of 2014 have now left us and are wending their weary way to Aswan, via the temples at Edfu and Kom Ombo, and then on to the magnificent Rameses Temples at Abu Simbel.

Although they were only with us for a day and a half, I think they managed to get a good taste of what Luxor is about. And they were nice people, which makes all of our recent work (in order to accommodate them) all the more worthwhile. Y'all come back now!

So now we've got to pack up the two apartments before we head off back to Windy Nook for our Christmas holidays. But we've still got a little hob-nobbing to do before we go. This afternoon, for instance, we're meeting a regular visitor, and a good friend, at the Winter Palace for tea. We'll have a great time just rabbiting on about Luxor and our different experiences and preferences regarding the place and its people. We're actually meeting Margaret, our friend with the ornithologist husband who keeps us right with our bird sightings, she's great fun to be with. We've also one or two other people to see before we head off, and we're certain to fit them in between stripping beds and taking down curtains etc and continually feeding the washing machine (again!).

We bumped into Margaret at the Winter Palace the other day, just by chance. We'd called in for a cuppa, and there she was, with a pot of (I think) hot chocolate, well it is winter coming on, you know! Before we left, I had occasion to visit the gents, where I had a totally unexpected "assignation"?

There I was, completely minding my own business, when a chap positioned himself at the next urinal and said "Afternoon," "Good afternoon", I replied as politely as usual. "You live here, don't you?" "For my sins", came the involuntary reply. It turned out that he'd actually recognised me as the writer of this Blog! So then, "Hello there, Bob from Derbyshire, I hope you had a safe and pleasant journey home and that you are, even now, planning your next visit to our second home; Luxor. Maybe we will meet again, but hopefully in a slightly more congenial setting, next time?"

I've been putting a few new pictures on our new website. (You can view it and them by clicking HERE ) It's a bit queer that I can get more in to the pictures with this camera than with the last one. I don't pretend to understand it at all, but I hope that you'll enjoy them anyway. I'll be changing some of the pictures on "Welcome to Our Luxor" (top right-hand side of this page) on the Blog as well, soon. So keep an eye out for them, too.

Unless something earth-shattering occurs before Monday; the next entry on here will be from good old Windy Nook. I look forward to you joining me there.

Bye for now.

p.s. How many of you remember old Mr Mohamed, from next door?

Well, he was 85 last week (still is, actually!) and he's now, sadly, suffering from Parkinson's disease. He fell down the other day, but happily without physically damaging himself, so I presented him with a stout walking stick, just to steady himself. He seems to be using it, and I hope that it'll save him  going down again. Keep him in mind now and then, won't you? I hope he's still here when we return after Christmas. 


  1. Oh I do remember that gentleman from one of your previous blogs. Very nimble to sit like that in his chair. He has reached a good age indeed. Is he a non smoker by any chance, has that done his health the world of good?

    Thank you so much for offering him a walking stick - at least you have Freda to steady you! I shall miss your postings from Luxor, but have a good Christmas, and look forward to your bloggings when you return, or fr m Windy Nook of course.

    Merry Christmas

    have Freda to steady you

  2. I hope im counting the days when you get back to LUXOR we can both fly now fingrs x so not long hope your friend in picture is ok. bless you bothx Sandra mick

  3. As I could not sleep decided to go on the Luxor forums.On arriving at your page was really surprised to read that you are actually closing down your place in Luxor altogether and travelling back to the UK. It seems a shame to lose money by closing down, have you not tried keeping it open and trusting a manager to run the place.
    There must be someone you can trust.
    Having missed my regular yearly visit to Luxor last year due to Easyjet cancelling it's flight from Gatwick and on top of that unable to obtain insurance I was really very sad indeed.
    However this year I am determined that nothing is going to stop me and I will be in Luxor for nearly 2 months going via Hurghada.I will also be staying at the same flat where I have stayed for about 15 years.
    So to end Edward and Freda I would like to wish you a very happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year and maybe,just maybe you will be back in Luxor before the first week in February and we could enjoy tea at the Winter Palace.Gordon,Chester.

  4. I entirely agree with you that it's a shame to close down while we're away, Gordon. However, apart from the fact that we would have to find someone who would bear the responsibility for our guests and the apartment with its contents (difficult!) a major part of our enviable reputation has been built on the fact that WE come as part of the deal!
    We've actually had customers in the apartment whilst we've been away before, not altogether you understand, but we've left them behind for a few days (after we've flown off to England) in the hands of a trusted neighbour. We found that we spent all the time worrying in case some catastrophe occurred, which we weren't their to deal with. Not worth the stress, I'm afraid.
    Thanks all for the Christmas greetings and and best wishes, which are returned tenfold!
    We'll be back in Luxor on 12th January, insh'Allah, after which we'd be delighted to meet for tea with anyone who's daft enough to read my drivel!!!!! Just drop us an email, the address is
    Bye for now.

  5. Hi Edward,
    Thanks for the mention, but I don't want it to be thought I frequent posh toilets
    harassing locals!!
    Having read your blogs for quite a while it was quite a surprise to bump.into you.
    Hope we can meet up next time I am over there so I can hear some of your tales first hand.