R - E - S - P - E - C - T

Some, unwanted, sad news today. One of our friends here in Luxor died yesterday. We only got to know the other day that she had cancer (it's not that long ago that we saw her, and then she looked and seemed as good as ever, no inkling that she was ill at all!) and then the dreaded email came this evening that she had died. She'd been back in England for only a short while. Ayisha; we'll miss her.
She was a woman for whom I had a great respect. She and I had some real ding-dongs about our differing theological stances (in writing, that is) as she was a staunch Muslima. She would have her say on the old "Egypt Search" forums, and oft times would cause quite a ruckus, as she wouldn't follow the normal Muslim way of believing that the stories of Muhammad's life should be taken as literal instructions for modern-day Muslim living. I often felt heart-sorry for her as other Muslim contributors would metaphorically rip her to shreds! Nevertheless, she was a woman who commanded respect, whilst being very normal and friendly in her personal circumstances, and Luxor life will be the worse for her passing.

R - E - S - P - E - C - T. That reminds me!

At the Nile Palace, the other night, a group passed us as we sat in our usual place I was sure that I recognised the face of one of them, and after a moment or two, I realised just who it was............Muddy Waters! Yes, that fabulous American Blues singer was here in Luxor. I felt like Victor Meldrew, in that I "couldn't believe it!" Here he is, singing one of his unforgettable numbers, with a little help from some of his friends:

On second thoughts, I realised that Muddy was wearing high heels and a dress! He'd either turned or it wasn't him. It was then that I realised that I'd been mistaken all along and it wasn't Muddy Waters at all, it was Aretha Franklin!!!! You remember her? She was out of this world! And now here she was, visiting Luxor at last. If Luxor's good enough for Aretha Franklin, then it's good enough for you, Dear Reader!!! Get onto EgyptAir today.

You can see the facial likeness, can't you? An easy mistake to  make, I'm sure you'll agree.


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