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As this Blog is supposed to be about the everyday life of simple folk, in Luxor; I'm a bit reluctant to write about what's happening, and what those self-same simple folk are doing, here in good old Windy Nook!

As we've been wandering around, here and there, I've carried my trusty camera and taken a goodly number of pictures. But is it really right that these pics of lush green foliage, old buildings and classic English vehicles should appear on a Blog with the heading "Our Luxor B&B" Luxor life, slice by slice!? And yet; I feel as though I'm somehow letting the side down by ignoring the lovely people who've looked at 96,861 pages of my ramblings!!!! (And that's only since I put the counter on the Blog!)

We're starting to really miss being at our home in Luxor. Unless you know about the mysterious hold that that filthy little town manages to have over so many otherwise sane people, you might find it hard to understand, but it's real, right enough!

How about the following? Last weekend (Number-one-son being at work) we took his car (with a full tank of fuel, thank you son) for a ride to Raby Castle, where there was a classic vehicle show. It was very enjoyable, and we took a picnic which was augmented with some lovely pork pies from a stand at the show. There were also some stalls selling odd tools, scale models, manuals and various bits and bobs. But I managed to not spend anything there. (Actually, Freda wouldn't give me any money lol!!!) Anyway, here are a few pics of some of the cars etc.

OK, so I'm a bit of an old Land Rover freak!!!! Please don't hold it against me. There were also a good many other marques represented, including a rather nice Series 11 Morris Oxford, just like the one we ran for 12 years or so, and a couple of old MG saloon cars with "suicide" doors, just like the one which we had many many years ago. (Colloquialism: suicide doors = doors which open from the front, which are much easier to alight from) The show included some lovely Rolls Royce cars, and many others, and we could have stayed a lot longer, but for the intermittent rain and the patches of roe deer poo all over the grass! I was rather surprised to find that the only non-Land Rover picture I took was the following one, which is of the engine in a super-charged mini. In all my years of fixing motors, big and small; I'd never even heard of a super-charged mini! I snapped it because I thought that Number-one-son wouldn't believe me without proof! What an anorak, eh?

(Colloquialism: anorak = a person with an unutterably boring outdoor hobby, such as train or 'bus spotting which usually necessitates the wearing of an anorak to keep them dry in England's wet weather.)

On the way home (well, entailing only a short detour) we called at "Locomotion", the railway museum at Shildon in County Durham. I was astonished at the size of the place! And the number of trains on display!

There were some real beauties! We peered into the carriages of one of the old Royal Trains, wondering at the sheer opulence, but for some unknown reason, didn't take any more photo's!

Well, that was one excursion, I'll sort out the pictures from another in a few days.

For now: TTFN.

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  1. mick loves steam trains we go to York there are some good ones there.didnt realize you were here .Welike luxor more. Sandra mick.x