Did I say 'Woe is me'?

I know I actually did, but......... 

That was before our lap-top went on the blink! Now it really is a case of woe is me.

We have been using a Dell 1545 Lap-top, which our No. One Son bought a few years ago, and passed it on to us when he bought another new one, all singing and all dancing! It's been pretty good, really; runs hot a lot of the time, which makes it slow down but fairly reliable and consistent. Until the day before yesterday, that is.

It was working, but wouldn't load the Internet at all; I took it to be a fault with our USB modem/dongle thingy, took that to the shop on TV Street, (full of righteous indignation, of course) and was told that it was working fine!!! It must be a problem with my lap-top, the man told me. Helpfully, he suggested that I bring it in, and he would try to sort the problem out.

Whilst I was reasonably confident that the man was genuine, I couldn't help but recall the liars at Vodafone, who strung me along for weeks while knowing full-well that it was their system which was causing me no end of problems when I was using their dongle, but they were determined to NOT admit it.  

Anyway, he did try, he did this and he did that, and he also did the other, but all to no avail! Eventually, he gave up, telling me that there was a problem with the operating system on the lap-top. After I got it home, it wouldn't even start, although it did finally, but it still wouldn't connect. I tried everything that came to light as I fiddled here and there, but then I came across something that said that not only was the computer not able to connect via the dongle, but neither could it connect via Wifi (if there had been a Wifi connection available, that is) nor anything else!

In a bit of a panic, I rang our little mate Mr Bahaa, as I knew he had a tame computer 'expert'. We dropped the useless piece of junk off at his office, where Mr Ahmed was due to arrive at any time. Of course, he wasn't able to do anything with it, and it would have to go to the real repair man, Mr Noubi, at the bottom end of TV Street.

We got it back this evening, after Mr Noubi had installed a 'new' Windows. Actually, it's only 'new' to us; it's a copy, and it's all in Arabic, and with the writing going from right to left! What a carry-on we've had trying to get it to work for us knuckleheads, even now, it's still using the wrong keys for some of the punctuation marks. I hate this sort of thing, but I've been told before that you just cannot get a genuine Windows in Egypt, at all. 

It cost the princely sum of thirty Egyptian pounds (just about two pounds fifty) and will keep is going with emails etc until we get back to Blighty in a couple of weeks time. Hopefully, we'll be able to get it properly sorted out then.

I wouldn't really care, but I've lost ALL my pictures, and ALL my music and videos. I'd saved a lot of pictures of the ongoing works in the guest bathroom, gone; along with alsorts of irreplaceable pictures of miscellaneous oddities found around Luxor and videos taken at the Folk Club (even one of us singing!). I could just SPIT!

As I've already said, "Woe is me!" 


  1. I know exactly what you mean when your laptop goes on the fritz and you lose everything, I have lost a lot of my old photos, digital cameras are great, but you just take so many and never print them off, just keep them in a folder on the cpmputer
    Now I save em all on external Hard Drives AND just in case they screw up, I use Photobucket to save them on the internet (it can be free or you can get a paid account)
    I think you can save videos as well (but I use Youtube to save mine (you dont have to share them with the world either)
    I think you are coming back at the right time, as the weather id getting better, but saying that you have probably had enough sunshine

    When you are over, have a look for a external HD's on ebay, so pretty good ones in there, you dont want to be losing all your photos and memories But have a look at photo backet as well, its an idea)

  2. Ah, I just remembered, I aint going to see how the bathroom progressed now and how the Egyptian plumbers got on

  3. I agree with Derrick, look into an external hard drive. They are getting pretty cheap now and can save you a lot of hassle. You can do backups from your laptop onto it every few days then if you lose the laptop, you will just lose whatever you put on there since the backup, not everything.