You couldn't make this up, really!

The power of the written word?

You'll remember this:
"I was horrified to see that the recently closed and abandoned Oum Kolthoum Coffee Shop (in the middle of the tourist souk) was now becoming a dumping ground for everyone's rubbish,"..............from the last posting, do you? Well, I happened to pass there today while returning from the bakery behind the Temple, and I noticed that all the rubbish had been carted away!

What do you think, Dear Reader? Does this mean that there is actually someone in power in Luxor who is reading my Blog, and has taken heed of my complaint? It's a bit worrying if that really is the case, I'd better watch my tongue/pen/keyboard in future, as I don't want to be thought of as a trouble-maker or dissident of some sort.

The exact opposite would be nearer the mark, though. I'd actually love to make even the tiniest difference when it comes down to removing any of the obstacles which might be stopping tourists from returning to our blighted little backwater of a town. The build-up of filth and rubbish is often cited as an off-putting feature of Luxor, so I'm delighted that this has been removed from the tourist souk, at least.

Onward and upward, eh folks? Goodnight.

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