White skin syndrome!

Yes Playmates, I'm sorry to have to say it, but I've been the victim of colour prejudice yet again!

You'll remember, no doubt, that I was waiting for a price for some carpentry work? It was with a new carpenter, introduced to me by friend Hany the plumber. He seemed a pleasant enough chap, with passable English (I know, my Arabic is still rubbish!) and he was prepared to give me a proper time-scale for the work, and to have it completed in plenty of time before our next guests arrive. However, his price was about three times what I had really wanted to pay. (For what to all intents and purposes amounted to an unglazed window frame; he wanted more than I could have bought a double glazed Upvc unit for in England!) I'm just amazed that these triers still continue to do it; they could probably make a good living by charging a reasonable rate, but they really do seem to think that we're all rolling in it!

It seems that we might have negotiated the excess electricity demand down by almost 3000le! I hope so. What do you think of a company who doesn't read your meter for 8 years (and it's in Arabic, and until I've taken steps to have the bill explained in detail, it made no sense at all, even now I cannot make head nor tail of their charging methods!) and then suddenly demands about 60% of what you've already paid over those 8 years, on top? Never mind, it will be sorted out tomorrow, insh'Allah.

Meanwhile (back at the ranch) I have decided to do the carpentry work myself when we come back after Easter. The only trouble is; that I cannot get it out of my mind! I've designed and re-designed it several times just today, and heaven only
knows if I'll be able to get it out of my head so that I can go to sleep tonight.

Talking of night, how about this for for a moon, is it a 'new' moon? I'm not up on this sort of thing.

I love the way it sits on its bottom at this latitude, it looks so strange to us from the more Northerly climes.

'Teaing' at the Nile Palace this afternoon, we snapped this cruiseboat making its way very slowly up the Nile. I've noticed this particular boat on several occasions, you cannot miss the colour scheme, but I'd never noticed the name before: "Diva & Spa"? There were plenty of passengers on the top decks; getting ready for their 'Afternoon Tea' I suppose.

The river was really quite busy today, as we sat sipping away. Lots of motor-boats, and a few large barges. With the wind being up, there were also a number of feluccas traipsing up and down, it was nice to see their sails full of wind. It's just a pity that there weren't more out, and full of tourists!

We had to call at quite a few shops on the way back home, and half way through; Freda split her favourite shoes, her Vivienne Westwood's!

I've tried the Super Glue, to no avail! I'll have to have another go tomorrow, as it's about bedtime now.

Sleep well!

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  1. You are a man of many talents, but those shoes look beyond repair. As you say, you must look like a walking millionaire in Luxor. A constant battle, you trying to get some work done as a reasonable rate, and the locals trying to rip you off. If they can't rip you off, they just dont bother. Hey ho. Hope you have enjoyable guests.