What a difference a couple of thousand miles make.

We've been reading all the Egypt forums and all the Government's F.C.O. advice, along with the missives from John the Ambassador in Egypt. It doesn't make for a good impression of the other town and country which we love, that's for sure!!!!

Nevertheless, it's no good in trying to foresee the future for the poor inhabitants of the benighted town of Luxor. Things just get worse and worse for them. No matter how real the 'dangers' actually are or are only perceived to be, the tourists have abandoned them to their own devices! From my own conversations, it's obvious that most of the people to whom I've spoken are hoping that Shafiq (formerly of Mr Mubarak's government) will come back and get everything sorted out.

I honestly don't know what to think; I'm still not convinced that President Mohamed is necessarily a bad man, perhaps inexperienced and needing sound advice, yes. But he is the man elected by the people!

Can we really contemplate one of Mr Mubarak's cronies coming back into power? While I don't have any influence in any outcomes, I do have an opinion. For one thing, I certainly believe that any of the former repressive regime who were to stand for election would be savvy enough to realise that things could NEVER EVER go back to the same old ways; no more fortunes filched and stashed away in foreign accounts, no more 'disappearings' or routine torturing, and no more talk of forming new dynasties! But it cannot be denied that these men have a much better idea of how to run a country, and make it's people feel secure, or even of how to feed them!

My Muslim neighbours were asking Freda and I to pray for Egypt as we were coming away for our summer holidays. We do, and I would ask any and all of my readers who pray, to do so on Egypt's behalf.

Well, that's enough of that doom and gloom for the moment. What do you think of this from last night:

It's a picture of my eldest grandson, Mark, and his beloved, Megan. They're sitting in a 1973 VW  Microbus, which had been hired to take them and four of their friends to their school 'prom'. (This is some American moneymaking idea which some greedy fool has introduced into England, and which almost all parents are having to struggle with!) Most of their contemporaries were travelling in stretched limousines (another horrible American import) but this gang wanted something a bit different!

Never mind, they were enjoying themselves, and joining in with their pleasure was certainly better than moping about the situation in Luxor!

Here's a shot which gives you an idea of how Megan's frock surpassed everything else on display.

It was entirely her own design, and the oblong sequins took the dressmaker hours and hours to sew on. (It cost her poor mother a small fortune, but the end result was astonishing, she looked absolutely gorgeous!) Even her six foot two inch beau wore a suit and took great care in his appearance, his tie matched Megan's underskirt. (I was told that she was wearing 'painted' leather Doc Martens underneath!!!)

Then, today, there was even more cheering news. How about this:

That's a 1937 Rolls Royce. Beautiful, eh? It's parked outside our Chapel at Windy Nook, where it was delivering the daughter of a couple of our good friends for her wedding. Both of their children, Andrew and Ruth, were born very close to the time of our two eldest, Benjamin and Charlotte.

Here's Ruth with her proud Dad, he's even relinquished his pipe for the moment!

I do like a bit of good news on occasion, especially when it involves people who are close to me!!!

That's all for now, I think I'll watch a bit of tennis from Wimbledon. Tarra!

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