The Untold "Benefits of Snoring"!

In a minute, in a minute, you know how I hate to be rushed!

A good friend of ours died today, Noora (originally Dawn).She'd had cancer for several months, but as far as we can tell; she didn't suffer too much and the end eventually came quite quickly. Being a Muslim, she was in the ground ASAP, I was told that she died in Assuit at 03:30 and was buried in Luxor at around lunchtime! She will be missed by many.

Anyway, we went to the Etap Hotel to try and find some tourist friends of another, mutual,  friend who is visiting Luxor at the moment, in order to get a message to her to tell her about poor Noora's demise. They were an English couple, the husband being of Indian descent. It's actually rather embarrassing, just going up to someone whom you've never even seen before and saying "Are you such and such's friends?" The lady kindly sent a text message to our friend, and she subsequently rang and got the bad news.

But that wasn't what I wanted to relate to you at this unearthly hour! (It's 01:45) I wanted to tell you about the conversation that Freda and I were having in proverbs while we waited! No, not King Solomon's 'Proverbs' from the Old Testament, the ones you learned at Infant School (or was it in the Junior's) in the olden days! You can imagine the sort of way the conversation would go: "Well, a stitch in time saves nine!" "Even so: every cloud has a silver lining, especially if you look before you leap" "Ah yes, but only if you don't put all your eggs in one basket", get the picture? Then I remembered  the 'proverbs' homework which I took home one night: One of them was "As hot as a ............".We had to fill in the missing words, and Dad came up with (you've guessed it!) "As hot as...........Hell" How embarrassing can parents be? I honestly cannot remember if that's what went on the homework sheet or not, but the right answer was "As hot as a poker", which is just plain stupid! A poker isn't hot at all, unless it's been in the fire.

I've now lost the thread as to how this related to the "Benefits of Snoring", but you can trust me when I tell you that it certainly did, in a roundabout sort of way, can't you?

The following Hot Air Balloon pictures are a "Benefit of Snoring":

Freda hadn't long been up out of bed (to escape my snoring) when she saw the balloons getting into 'Attack' formation and heading for our roof! Being a first rate 'second' camera operator;  she leapt into action and got these snaps off double quick! A second benefit, was that I didn't have to get up at some unearthly hour to get the pictures for you, or indeed, defend our property from aerial attack!

Now you can judge for yourselves, are they 'Benefits of Snoring', or not? Wasn't there a famous line from a film which went something like "I love the sound of snoring in the early morning!"???? It couldn't have been "the smell of snoring", the right quote will come to me eventually! So don't you go losing any sleep over it. Hehe!

(I spent two hours, last night, till almost 03:00 trying to get this to load. I've had to come back to it today, before it would work properly!)

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