Etap Progress.

Hi, I just thought that you might like to see the new entrance for the El Luxor Hotel. They aren't using it yet, but by the looks of the progress; it may be in use quite soon.

Maybe I should have gone around during the day and been able to get a better picture, but that would be unusual, wouldn't it? If you click on the picture you'll get a bigger view, click again on 'Show Original', and then back onto the picture and it will  come up very big. (I hope.)

It really does look nice, but there seems to be no seating area for those sad people who like to sit with a cuppa and watch the new people arriving! A big mistake in my opinion. Anyway, we'll see soon enough, I suppose.

See you later, Alligator! 


  1. Sorry folks, I know the picture won't enlarge. Haven't a clue as to why, but I have changed browser and one or two other things on the laptop to try and get a more usable speed out of it!!!!!

  2. The picture works now, but sadly making it bigger doesn't improve the quality, lol.