There's nowt so queer as folk!

I'm constantly amazed at some of the words and phrases which some people type into their search boxes. Below is yet another selection of searches which have brought people like you, Dear Reader, to peruse my Blog. I'm sure that it has been quite a shock to a good number of them, lol.
I mean, how would you feel if you'd typed in "How to paint water", and then were directed to a crazy man's Blog about struggling with Egyptian workmen and 'Egypt Time' etc. I know I'd feel that the computer had let me down, again!!!!

walkway information desk                                                                             
hindi song, english, gone is the summer the sumer hs gone away                      
how to paint water                                                                                      
bedroom computer mixing paint                                                                    
queer bags                                                                                                  
dark street 3d                                                                                             
Nescafe Cupboard                                                                                      
Horror breaking windows and walls
famous painting of a bride meeting her groom                                                
luxor pinhole glasses
luxo decorating man's
pictures of dead jasmine plant                                                    
how to get blessing in Luxor                                                                         
Display unit for salad                                                                  
queer as folk wallpaper bed                                                                          
+oldluxo decorating man's apartment santa clauses                                           
luxor saidi region map                                                                                  
golden name tag to hotel staff                                                                      
walls of Judah                                                                            
camel eyebrows

I'd better leave it at that, 'cause we've got some visitors due soon and I'm not dressed yet. (It's only 11.48 in the morning!)
I'll be back.

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  1. You always did manage to attract strange people Edward,me,Ed Potter,Ian Miller,Paul Johnston, how many more........yourself!
    Don't be surprised if they keep coming