Graham Wardrobe.

Hi, not much happening around here this week! Our dead carpenter's brother got our bits of furniture finished, though. You remember Taha the carpenter, nice lad who made our meshrabeya for the guest apartment. Sadly he died later on that year: drowned in the Red Sea, along with his fiance. Here he is, supposedly fitting the arabesque, but had to stop for a half a jar of Nescafe in each cup of coffee! He's the one tasting it.

And I'm sure you remember our old wardrobe which I dismantled the other week and made into two wall cupboards and other assorted rubbish.

Well, we now have the new wardrobe, just delivered and filled with all the stuff which had been stuffed into suitcases or strewn around the other furniture. It's probably not the best wardrobe in the world, nor the prettiest, but it is functional. I took a picture with all the doors open, but the boss wouldn't let me post "private" things! So I'll describe it briefly for you (aren't you grateful, Dear Reader): it's 2 metres wide and 2.1 metres tall, the right hand door contains 6 shelves, the centre two doors have a deep top shelf with long hanging below, whilst the left hand section is for me, with a top shelf, short hanging space and a lower shelf. All very practical. Our old mate (another one sadly deceased) Jim Crow (famous coach builder and general woodworking perfectionist) would have blown his top at the quality of this piece, but then he wasn't working with tools which were hand-me-downs from the pyramid builders!

We are quite taken with it, actually, so much so that we've given it a name! At the grand "Wardrobe Opening Ceremony" it was Christened "Graham", after a good 'bus driver (and rat catcher) friend with similar reliable qualities.

Now that the washing machine is in its new home, Abdu (Taha's brother) made us a new cabinet for the bathroom, it looks quite nice and is also functional. No we haven't given it a name, what nonsense! Whoever heard of a bathroom cabinet having a name? Are you crackers, or what?

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