Still "Ringing the Changes" on the East and the West.

Well, it's all happening here in Luxor!
I was on the West Bank yesterday, visiting a place I go to regularly, I've posted pictures of the Wall before, but it seems that it's virtually finished now. My mate's place is all the worse for it, I'm afraid. You cab see what I mean by these two pictures which were taken from within a few metres of each other. I don't think I need to entitle them "Before" and "After"!!!!

Of course you are all conversant with what's been happening near to the Winter Palace. I've had a few pictures on here about the Aboudi Book Shop and it's demise, well Mr Aboudi wasn't the only friend who was displaced. Here is Mr Jadhalla, perhaps better known to you as Mr Shakespeare, the felucca captain who had his office in the garden next to Mr Aboudi's.

I've put this particular picture of him on because it was actually taken in his "office". The next picture is taken from a previous post:

And this last one was taken today from about the same place. The tarmac road is new, and finishes just about exactly where Mr Jadhalla had his office and where he was sitting when I took the picture above.

I know everything needs to change as time marches on, but it's still sad, isn't it?

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