Another One For Suzie

How about this one Suzie?

The man was repairing some metal gates, with the short earth cable hooked onto the end of a bit of tubing, which was itself jammed under the gate. Every time the bloke struck an arc there were flashes everywhere. The poor kid in the back of the motor-bike truck thingy didn't know what to grab onto to maintain the connection, or where to look to miss getting a flash!

Click on the picture to make it bigger.

The coils of the welder are clamped together with long bolts and nuts through sturdy pieces of wood. The welder gadgy wore a snazzy pair of designer sunglasses and produced some of the best welding I've seen in Egypt.

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  1. Hi Edward, I showed the guys the photo this morning - only one got it right, the rest thought it was some kind of press!!!!