End of Days?

Well, we've had a right couple of days here! Two nights ago, we were sitting in the Nile Palace, in our favourite spot there, having some good old fish'n'chips with a good lady friend who had just arrived form England. (I've got to say right now, that this is not our usual choice of food in Luxor, but it does no harm now and then!) As usual, I was listening to the ensueing converstaion, when the hotel shook. Although it felt a bit like a large vehicle was perhaps trundling past on the road outside, I knew instinctively that it wasn't: it was an earthquake! I've been reliably informed (by one of my Egyptian neighbours) that it registered 4.6 on the Richter Scale! It wasn't frightening, but I certainly wouldn't have liked it to go on for much more than the few seconds which it did last.
They do say that natural occurrences are sometimes linked togther, so I wondered if the sandstorms of the past two days have anything to do with our earthquake? I haven't seen so much sand in the air during the past three years of being here. Have a look at this photo, at first I did wonder if our beloved Governor had decided to do away with the Theban Mountains, as he has with most other things which have been "in his way". But I'm hoping I'm wrong and that it's just sand. Those of you who know the view from our roof will find this a bit strange.

Click on the picture to make it bigger.

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