Trip Advisor's loss is my blog's gain!

Yes, the people at TA are making it difficult for dummies like me to do certain things on their site.
Trip Advisor have a "Destination Expert" for Luxor who goes by the name of eLaReF. L, R and F being his initials. He always stays at the Winter Palace, but I found a sign near to our bakery which I think tells us how he can afford to stay there. His secret income is derived from his Rachman type tendencies involving this flea pit.
I tried to put the picture on my profile page where he would have been revealed for what he really is, but they wouldn't let me!

Click on the picture to make it bigger.


  1. That wouod be very funny - if only it wasn't so bad! Why not publish it as a picture for the "Luxor" page on TripAdvisor?

  2. PS eLaReF does say he's resident in Somerset, England, rather than Luxor. Perhaps it's a coincidence.

  3. Looking at the picture of the hotel, I'm not sure I would get enough return from it to pay for the desserts in the 1886, never mind the drinks bill!!!!

    Edward - where is it so I can visit on my next trip (Once Mrs eLaReF gets released to fly by the doctors)

  4. Hi eLaReF,
    If you pass the Emilio Hotel on your left, then turn immediately left again. At the next junction in front of you and facing you on the left is a new small Mosque, go straight past it to the next junction. Directly in front of you there should be a cul-de-sac. Here you turn right and on the second cross roads along (about a hundred yards or so), again on the left corner facing you is the hotel. It is in the Egyptian souk, on the opposite corner to our local bakery. It actually looks unused!
    I hope you didn't mind me ribbing you about it, I tried to get the picture on my profile page on TA to no avail. They're hopeless!
    I hope Mrs eLaReF is on top form soon.

  5. Mrs eLaRef says - when she is allowed to fly again (maybe 6 months away still), we must meet for tea at the hotel.

    But which one??